Buck Names starting with "B"...

B-ball - this buck has a growth growing out of him about the size of a basketball *Pics*

BabyFace - this young buck has all the genetic potential you could want

BackWoods - a rough looking buck, lives on the back forty

Bacon - everybody loves this Pig!

BadAss - no other bucks want to mess with this guy, wild looking rack

Bambi - a young buck with lots of potential, the next king of the woods

BamBam - just the like name, this typical is even on both sides or a young buck with a club*Pics*

Banner - this is going to be a good year!

Barbwire - a rack laced kickers and stickers all over it

Barnacle - lots and lots of bumps all over this rack

Barnyard - you can find this guy hanging out near the homestead

Basic# - just a great looking typical with nothing special

BasketRack - a real tight rack with no inside spread

BC - a Boone & Crockett for sure or a really ancient buck

Beamer - massive main beams, multiple main beams

Beams - massive main beams, multiple main beams

Beautiful# - this is the kind of buck that makes it on magazine covers

Beauty# - just an absolute picture perfect buck here

Beast - big buck, a fighter, all other bucks stay clear of this guy *Pics*

Beefy - this big-bodied buck might as well be a cow

BentBeam# - the main beam has been bent some how *Pics*

BentBrow# - brow tines have grown a little out of whack *Pics*

BF# - big freaking # (Big Freaking 9)

BFB - big freaking buck

Big# - just a big rack, on a big body *Pics*

BigBigs - this buck has it all... big rack carried by a big body

BigBoy - this big-bodied buck has an even bigger rack

BigDolly - one big, famous rack on this one

BigDog - this monster of a buck runs the show in his territory

Bigfoot - a forklore of a buck, with little trail carmera pictures

Biggin' - a big one hillbilly style

BigJohn - this is one big buck the other bucks don't even mess with

BigJoker - this joker has the big rack and a big body in one package *Pics*

Big Junior - huge rack at such a young age, great genetics with lots of potential

BigLittle- this young big buck has the potential to be huge

BigMac - the biggest of bucks in your area with a stance like the MacTruck Bulldog

Big Money - you've got all your money on him!

BigPappa - you hope that this big guy has been passing on his genetics *Pics*

BigSexy - an absulute stud of a buck worshiped by does wanted by hunters

Big Spender - this buck has put everything toward growing his huge rack

Big Surprise - this buck seems to have come out of nowhere and you hope he stays *Pics*

BigThunder- huge bodied buck that makes you shake when he is near

BigTongue - a buck that continuously has his tongue out in pictures *Pics*

BigYield - the score will add up fast with this one

BirdsNest - points going every which way, nontypical

BirthdayBuck - a buck like this only shows up once a year *Pics*

Bison - a brute of a buck, always with the herd

BlackMagic - only seen at night, a real dark and eerie looking buck

BlackVelvet - one shot is all you need or a buck with a darker velvet rack

BlackWidow - a deadly 8-point rack with long spider leg looking tines *Pics*

Blades - flat bladed tines or wide bladed beams on this rack

BlindSpot - this buck has more kickers and stickers than he can show in one angle or photo

Bobsled - long beams that wrap up on the ends *Pics*

BOI - this guy is diffently a Buck Of Interest

Bolt - a real lighting white rack with this buck

Bombshell - a really great looking huge rack

Bonanza - a western states buck or buck that looks more like western rack

BoneChiller - makes your skin crawl when you see him

BoneCrusher - massive, huge monster of a buck thats been busting up other bucks

BoneHead - nothing but rack on this one, not the sharpest buck in the woods

Boomer - this buck makes an impact wherever he goes

Boomerang - a rack with a bent split tine looking like a boomerang *Pics*

BooneDock - he lives way out in the woods on the back forty

Booner - he will make the books for sure *Pics*

Boot - this buck has one big droptine

BootLeg - rack just keeps wrapping around on this one

Boots - this buck has a large boot-like droptine or has white patches on his legs

Boss - this big buck runs the show

BottomBuck - this big guy has been calling the bottoms home for some time now *Pics*

BrownChickenBrownCow - it's just fun to say, great looking buck

Brows- great brows, which stand out more than other buck's brows *Pics*

BrowsBeGone- great buck but has no brows

BrowTineBuck- his brow tines are his best feature, stand out the most or are just plain unique *Pics*

Bruiser - a big, old, heavy, fighter of a buck *Pics*

Brute - just one big brute of a buck all around *Pics*

Brutus - one big-bodied buck with a rack to match

Buckalicious - he's been working on his fitness

BuckAlmighty - definitely one of God's creatures

BuckCherry - named after the rock band this buck is one "Crazy B*tch"

Bucket - he is going to kick it this season, tall tines that curve in at the top

BucketListBuck - you've always wanted one this big

BuckEye - has one or both eyes that are messed up or seen under a buckeye tree

BuckNaked - a whole lot of nothing for a rack, broke off early

BuckNasty - just a real mean ol' buck with a gnarly rack

BuckNorris - Nobody messes with Buck Norris, he'd make you shake in your boots just by looking at him.

BuckThorn - lots of stickers coming off this rack

Bucky - a real young, good looking buck or an ordinary visitor

Buckzilla - big body and rack, the Japanese would fear him

BullBuck - this buck is so big he blends in with the cattle

Bullwinkle - a real wide rack, with real short tines

Busted - always one step a head of you or rack is all busted up already

Buttons - a real young buck that will never grow out of his name

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