Buck Names starting with "C"...

Cactus Buck - this buck has a lot of mass and bumps at his bases or he's what is called a true 'cactus buck'

Cajun - adds a little spice to the hunt or a southern buck

Canada - has a dark rack like a Canadian buck

CanOpener - large hooks or splits that would be good for opening cans

Canuck - a big bodied buck from the northern regions

Captain - the main buck of the woods, large and in charge *Pics*

Captain Hook - has hooks or one big hook off his tines, beams wrap up or around, tines wrap in

Caribou - this rack has stickers up front resembling a caribou shovel *Pics*

Casanova - this stud of a buck is a real looker, always with the does *Pics*

Casper - a buck like a ghost that has never been seen before or really white rack

Castle - a buck with a tall rack and comes together to a point

Castleland - a monster with a tall and spread out rack that features kickers and stickers

CatsClaw - a really massive bladed split tine

Catapult - going straight to the top of the record books

CatchersMitt - a curling rack looking like a catchers mitt

Catfish - tines sticking out like whiskers, long stickers or lives by the river

CedarTree - this buck has extra stickers and kickers or has reddish base from rubbing his rack so much

Chainsaw - lots of inside points, rack looks like a chainsaw chain or makes a lot of rubs *Pics*

Chandelier - one or both sides of his rack grow down instead of up or lots of drop-tines

Chaos - this rack is in a state of utter confusion with a total lack of organization

CharlieBrown - like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, this buck is spindly and lacking

Chaser - always chasing the does or you have been chasing him around

CheckMate - your calling it game over for this guy

Chedder - this buck is going to cost you some money

Chicken&Biscuits - can't get enough of this one

ChicMagnet - always with the does

Chief - a big buck that takes very proud looking poses in the trail camera

Chiquita - massive, long tines that curve in kind of like bananas

Chocolate - really dark antlers, a really dark coat *Pics*

Chubby - heavy-bodied buck or a massive rack

Chuck Norris - do I need to explain this one? ... because he kicks ASS!

Chunky - this buck might be a little over weight, massive rack

ChopSticks - this buck has a real tall thin rack

CitySlicker - a buck living in city limits and in view of people

CityWide - a wide buck living in or close to city limits

Clan - this buck is always around other deer or is tough enough he could be running his own clan

Claws - this buck has split tines going on *Pics*

Clean# - a real nice typical rack deductions *Pics*

Cleaver - tall bladed tine that sticks out the back

Clover - always seen in the clover field, lucky like a four leaf clover

Club - has a great big club of a droptine

Cluster - not really sure what is going on with this rack

Colonel - a buck that is always in charge (or thinks he is)

Colossal - real big buck, out of this world rack *Pics*

Combat - this brute can fight his own fight

Compass - this buck seems to have its own magnetic pole or buck with one very protruding tine

Confetti - an explosion of extra points everywhere

Considerabuck - to shoot or not to shoot, that is the question

Contagious - this guy is spreading buck fever through the whole camp

Corkscrew- a buck with tine(s) or a main beam that seems to twist

CornStalk - tall tined buck, always in the cornfield

Cotten-Eye-Joe - where did he come from where did he go?

Crab# - this buck's rack splits off like a couple of crab claws *Pics*

Crabs - a buck that has the crab claw going on with muliple tines *Pics*

Crabclaw - this guys tines or beams split off like pinchers *Pics*

Cranus - greek god meaning lord of the woods

Crazy8 - an 8-point buck with abnormal growth in his rack *Pics*

CrazyEyes - this bucks got the crazy look *Pics*

Cruzer - this buck comes and goes as he pleases *Pics*

Cull Buck- a term for a buck deemed genetically inferior in antler quality to other bucks in the area

Curly - this bucks rack grew with a curl in his tines*Pics*

Cyclops - missing one side or has a very small rack on one side compared to the other, or has one bad eye

CWD - a real messed up looking buck living in the CWD zone *Pics*