Buck Names starting with "D"...

Dagger - a long extra point coming off this rack, tall bladed tines *Pics*

Dagger Jr. - a young buck with a huge dagger, or bladed tines *Pics*

DailyDouble - a rack featuring double droptines, double wide, split brow tines or a double main beam

Dainty - a real nice buck without any mass

Damn - the first word that came to mind when you seen this buck...

Damn Yankee - not everyone is happy about this buck winning fights

Dandy - one clean, good looking rack on this guy *Pics*

Dangle - this rack has one or more drops coming off it

Deathly - this buck looks like you might be doing him a favor

Debatable - to shoot or not to shoot... that is the question

Deca - a real nice 10-pointer *Pics*

December - this buck could be the best present all season

Deception - not as big as you first thought but still a shooter

DeepFreeze - this is where this buck will be spending the winter

Deer - just real plain and simple name here

Definitely - there will be no hesitation when you see this buck

Deformed - there isn't anything normal about this rack

Deja-Vu - both sides look the exact same on this typical

Dekalb - grains are not the only high yielder this field will produce

Demo - this rack is all sorts of busted up *Pics*

Destroyer - this rack will put all other bucks to shame

Devil Buck - this buck has extra tines that stick out the front of his brows and look like horns

Diablo - a buck with a rack from hell or a buck with a hellish attitude *Pics*

Dibbs - no one else can harvest this buck, you have him already tagged

Dictionary - a wise old buck that seems to know it all and a lot between his ears

Diego - Go, Diego, Go! The tall tines that keep going *Pics*

Dingle - a young buck with droptines *Pics*

Dingo - a rough looking buck with a scrappy rack or a more reddish coat

Dink - young buck with poor genetics plus this one won't score high *Pics*

Dino - this old brute might just be older than dirt

Doc - very professional looking with a nice uniform rack *Pics*

DonkeyMan - this buck is just a brute of a deer *Pics*

Double Deuce - both G2s on this buck are split

Double-Drop - this big boy is featuring double droptines *Pics*

Double Ds - double droptines on this huge rack *Pics*

DoubleWide - extra wide rack or lives by a trailer park or could look a little red neck *Pics*

Double"Y" - this rack has matching split tines on both sides *Pics*

DoughBoy - a huge solid bodied, mature buck

DownLoad - this buck is so popular he even has his own facebook page

DownTown - a real nice buck that lives in the city

Dozer - a real agressive brute of a buck, constantly knocking over trees

Dracula - tall brow tines that look like fangs or only seen at night

Dream# - the buck that is going to make all your dreams come true

Dreamer - the one you keep dreaming about

Dribble - this buck has a real small drop, but hey, it still counts!

DrillBit - tine grew up with a weird twist

Drip - this bucks rack is covered with little drip-like bumbs

Droid - a buck from the future, looks as if he is part robot

Droppy - buck with a droptine or has an injured ear that hangs down *Pics*

Droptine - this rack features a droptine or two *Pics*

Dumbo - a wide rack that goes way out past his ears

Dynamite - looks like there was an explosion of points on this buck

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