Buck Names starting with "H"...

Half-Rack - awesome one side of rack and much smaller other side

Hall of Fame - this one will be remembered forever a real wall hanger

Halo - this rack wraps all the way around this guys head

HammerHandle - a small droptine looking like a hammer handle *Pics*

Handlebar - has stickers off the G2s making perfect handles for pictures or has a curved down beam or drop

Handsome# - a real good looking, picture perfect buck

HasItAll - like the name says... this buck has it all

Hatchet - really bladed tines resembling a small axe

Haunt - ghostly buck not seen very often but haunts your dreams!

Hawg - this giant buck is just one big white-tailed pig *Pics*

Hawkeye - a buck from the great state of Iowa

HayRake - a tall-tined rack that resembles a farmers hay rake *Pics*

Headbutt - this buck looks like he was headbutting everything in site while in velvet *Pics*

Healer - a rack that resembles a set of hands holding up to the sky

HeartAttack - your heart might stop after you see this one

Heartbreaker - a big deer you've had close encounters with but no luck or has a perfect rack

Heartland - the perfect example a true midwest giant

Heavy - a massive rack on a big bodied buck

Heckuva - yep... that's one heckuva buck!

Heisenberg - this could be a young buck you know will eventually be on top or a big one that's already boss

Heman - this fit fighter is at the peak of his life

Hercules - big-bodied buck that is always winning the fights *Pics*

Hershey - this rack is a real dakr brown color

Hex - a big 6-point or a buck that must have put a curse on you

HickUp - a real messed up non-typical rack *Pics*

HighBrow - crazy tall brows going on here!

Highlight - star of the show

HighTower - tall rack or tall brows or both *Pics*

Highrise - this rack is the tallest rack you have ever seen

Highway - has continued to be seen just off a road

Hillbilly - not the best genetics out there but still a good buck

Hillbilly Deluxe - a giant buck that was shorted in the gene pool *Pics*

HillTop - very tall but narrow rack or buck often spotted traveling a hilltop

Hog - just a big 'whitetail pig' of a buck here

Hogzilla - a real monster of a 'whitetail pig' *Pics*

Hole-In-The-Ear - this big buck has been shot at before or has been fighting *Pics*

Holiday - getting a shot at this buck will feel like a holiday

Hollywood - lots and lots of trail cam pictures of this photogenic buck *Pics*

Holy8 - this buck is the essence of all 8s

Homer - a buck that lives close to your home or in the city *Pics*

Homewrecker- you can't think of anything or anyone else besides this buck

Honor - this buck seems to take trail camera photos with a very tall and proud-looking stance

Hook(s) - this buck that is already big has a little extra somethin' somethin' *Pics*

Hoss - giant buck, possibly a gentle giant that avoids other deer *Pics*

HotSauce - puts a little spice into your hunt

Houdini - you get trail camera photos of him then he is gone once season starts

Houston - "Uh, Houston, you have a problem... you're going down!"

Huckleberry - a Doc Holiday relationship with this buck, "I'm your huckleberry..."

Hugo - a buck with a hunched up back

Hulk - thick massive rack looking more like muscle than bone

Humongous - a huge that you may need help getting this one back to camp

Hybrid - the buck of the future, steam-lined and buff

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