Buck Names starting with "M"...

MacDaddy - a real big buck supporting a real big rack

Machete - this buck has a huge blade-like tine sticking out

Macho - just a brute of a buck or at least he thinks so

Mag# - this buck is huge in both the body and rack

Magician - not sure how he does it but this buck always disappears during season

Magnificent# - big and great typical rack on a mature buck

MainEvent - this guy will be the highlight of the season or the one you've been waiting for

MainFrame# - a real nice typical without any deductions *Pics*

Majestic- a buck possessing lofty dignity or nobility in the deer herd, will have you dreaming

Mambo No. 5 - this 5x5 adds a little jive to your heartbeat

Mammoth - one of the biggest bodied/racked bucks you've ever seen

ManeBuck - has a mane down the back of his neck like a horse, look closely *Pics*

Mangle -this buck's rack is messed up

Mascot- you've got spirit for this buck and would like him to be a mascot for your wall

Masterpiece - a picture perfect typical rack without a single flaw

Matrix - this big buck's crazy rack seems like it couldn't be a true reality

Mature# - this guy just turned 4 years old and will now be on the hit list this fall

Maverick - this brute prefers to be all by himself

Maximus - this buck is a real brute and a fighter, greatest or largest buck in your area

MayDay - mayday, mayday, this buck is going down! *Pics*

Mayhem- brute of a buck always looking for trouble

MeatHook - one heck of a hook coming off this guys rack

Medusa - no Greek mythology here, just points coming from everywhere or points have a curl to them

MegaBuck - you hit the jackpot on this big, ol' buck

Megatron - a huge gnarly looking buck with a bad attitude

MessedUp - a non-typical with no points where they are suppose to be

Metro - this great looking buck is living inside the city limits

M.I.A. - (missing in action) this buck was around a lot and now has disappeared

Mick Jagger - he's got the moves like "Jagger"

Micro - a small rack on a big-bodied buck

MicroBrows - hardly any brows on this big buck, we mean zero *Pics*

Midget - this rack has zero tine length

Midnight - a dark-racked buck or completely nocturnal buck

MishMash - the tines have done nothing but grown into each other

Mistake - not too sure what went wrong with this non-typical

Molasses - he is always taking his sweet time

Mole - when season opens this buck goes underground and is hard to see or kill

Monarch - this guy is definitely in charge

Money - makes you feel like a million dollars *Pics*

Monster - big body and rack that is a little messed up or has some neat character

Moonlight - this guy is the definition of nocturnal

Moose - this big and wide buck might as well be a moose! *Pics*

MooseHead - you would swear this buck was part moose

Mr. # - has a real nice set of G2s, G3s or G4s

Mr. Beams - massive main beams or multiple main beams

Mr. Big - a big buck that everyone is after

Mr. Brows - this buck has huge, unique or multiple brow tines

Mr. Christmas - a buck with multiple stickers or kickers off certain tines like an evergreen tree

Mr. Clean - a really nice typical and polished rack *Pics*

Mr. Fantastic - an awesome buck all around

Mr. Impressive - a real nice buck that definitely has your attention this season *Pics*

Mr. Indeed - this guy is a shooter for sure

Mr. Mass - nothing but mass with this giant

Mr. November - this buck will be ruling the roost and swooning the ladies in November

Mr.(State) - a big buck that proudly represents his state (ex. Mr. Kansas) *Pics*

Mr. Tines - tons of tines or really tall tines

Mr. Tough - this tough looking buck has been through it all and still walks the walk *Pics*

Mr. Trashy - trash, trash and more trash all over this rack *Pics*

Mr. Wide - can't get much wider than this!

MuffinTop - a small-bodied buck with a huge rack

Muhammad Ali - "floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee" - the champ of the timber

Mule - a stubborn, huge-bodied buck

Muley - has a mule-deer-style of rack *Pics*

Mullet - clean looking rack up front with a party of points out the back

Mutt - this buck is a management deer for sure

MyFavorite# - not just any run-of-the-mill buck, this is a big, mature buck

Mythical - you have heard of this buck or have few trail camera pictures but have never seen him in person

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