"The Random Name Picker!"

Names for Non-Typicals...

Abnormal - well, there is just nothing normal going on with this rack

Abstract - his rack is like a master piece, a gnarly one at that

Alien - this buck is something from a different planet for sure

Anarchy - nothing normal about this ones rack

Artificial - looks almost unreal like not all of those tines could be natural

BadAss - no one wants to mess with this deer, wild looking rack

BirdsNest - points going every which way, nontypical

BoneHead - nothing but rack on this one, not the sharpest buck in the woods

BuckNasty - just a real mean ol' buck with a gnarly rack

BuckThorn - lots of stickers coming off this rack

Chandelier - one or both sides of his rack grow down instead of up or lots of drop-tines

Cluster - not really sure what is going on with this rack

Confetti - an explosion of extra points everywhere

Deformed - there isn't anything normal about this rack

Droppy - buck with a droptine or has an injured ear that hangs down *Pics*

Dynamite - looks like there was an explosion of points on this buck

Entangled - this rack is all twisted up in itself

Entertwined - can't really tell where this tines are coming from

E.T. - this non-typical is something from another world

Explode - points going every which way with this rack or was small last year and grew a lot this year

Fireworks - all sorts of extra tines on this guy or end of main beam splits open into several tines

Frankenstein - rack looks like something out of a horror movie

Freak - one messed up rack

Freak Nasty - even more missed up then the freak

FreakOfNature - there is nothing normal about this guy

FreakShow - this buck is all sorts of messed up

Gnarls - big non-typical with points and growth everywhere

Gnarly - points going every which way with rack

HickUp - a real messed up non-typical rack *Pics*

Inbred - this buck is all kinds of messed up

Irregular - there is nothing normal about this rack

Kaleidoscope - a non-typical with points going everywhere

Kracken - a gnarly missed up rack or the dominate buck

Mangle -this buck's rack is messed up

MessedUp - a non-typical with no points where they are suppose to be

MishMash - the tines have done nothing but grown into each other

Nightmare - just a real messed up non-typical

Popcorn - a non-typical that looks like a popcorn kernal rack

Rat'sNest - his rack is a real miss, non-typical

T&A - tines and antlers... points, points and more points *Pics*

Tineosaur - nothing but tines on this one

Twisted - a real messed up rack on this non-typical

Twister - looks like an EF-5 went through this non-typical rack

Ugly - one messed up rack or real ugly looking buck *Pics*

Umpteen - well at least you know this buck is sporting more than twelve points

UnNatural - there is nothing normal about this rack, the definition of a non-typical rack

Voodoo - a real messed up non-typical, looks like a bunch of pins sticking out of his rack

WackyRack - crazy rack, abnormal main beam growth

Weirdo - this non-typical just isn't right

Xtreme - a real nice non-typical that has gone above and beyond

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