Buck Names starting with "P"...

Pacino - the godfather of bucks with a scared up face *Pics*

Padre - the macdaddy of the southern bucks or buck with a double throat patch

Panoramic - a really wide buck with beautiful scenery between *Pics*

Parallel - a nice typical with matching tines on both sides

Passport - young buck you are willing to let grow or a buck that roams a lot

Password - one of your best kept secrets

Patches - has a double white throat patch, other extra white patches or is piebald

Payday - only comes around once a week or the buck everyone's been waiting for

Peacock - this buck has an attractive spread of tines

Peak - tall tines or tines that come together and almost touch at the top of his rack

Pegasus - seems it could almost be a mythical creature or buck that is rarely seen

PegLeg - this buck walks with limp or has a big ol'droptine *Pics*

Pending - close to making the hit list but not quite this year

Pepper - a real dark rack on this guy

Perception - at first this buck looks like a shooter, nice but not quite as big as you thought

Perfect# - just a great looking typical rack with little deductions *Pics*

Perfecto - an all-around great looking typical buck

Phantom - this buck is hardly ever seen in general *Pics*

Phenome - you still don't know how he grew that great of a rack but this buck is a phenomenon

PicketFence - all tall tines lined up nice and straight *Pics*

Pickle - massive tines with burs all over them

PicturePerfect - a good looking buck shot in the perfect setting

Pig - a real giant of a 'whitetailed pig' buck

Pike's Peak - tall tines or tines that go up and almost touch

Pilot - this buck has multiple flyers coming off his rack *Pics*

Pincher - split brows or tines/main beams that come out like crab claws

Pine - a buck with extra stickers or kickers coming off his tine(s) like a tree

Pinnacle - this buck will be the highlight of your season

Pinocchio - this buck made a liar out of you or one long sticker

Pioneer - his first choice for food source or a high yielder

PitchFork - a real tall typical with thin tines

Plain# - a nice typical with nothing extra going on

Pledge - this guy has a polished up, shiny white rack

PlusOne - a real nice typical with one extra point

Ponderosa - a very wide rack or buck with a vast range of land that it roams

PoofDaddy- huge-bodied buck or buck with a testosterone problem swelling him up

PoorMan - this buck has nothing, absolutely nothing

Popcorn - a non-typical that looks like a popcorn kernal rack

Pop Culture - a common type of rack, normal, not out of the ordinary for your area

Poser - this great buck seems to always be in front of the camera *Pics*

Preacher - bigger or brighter white throat patch

Premier# - nothing but the best with this buck

PrettyBoy - this big buck really trips your trigger! *Pics*

Prince -a real nice uniform rack or a young buck with lots of potential

Prius - good for the freezer but still you don't want to been seen with this one, ground shrinkage

PuzzlePiece - this buck has some unique points coming off his rack that look like a jagged puzzle piece

PY - this buck is going for Pope & Young for sure

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