Buck Names starting with "S"...

SaberTooth - this prehistoric rack has some wickedly sharp brows

Sabotage - this monster buck destroys your trees and disrupts your time

Samurai - larger tines, sharp points, looks like a ninja

Santa - this buck seems to be a little on the chubby side *Pics*

Sapling - real tall but no mass at all, young buck *Pics*

Saturn - this buck has quite the ring around his head and is out of this world!

Scar - a buck not afraid of a fight with the character to prove it

Scarface -this guy is a fighter with scars on his face

Seclusion - keeps apart from other deer or hangs out way back in the woods

Secret - you don't want anyone to know about this guy

Senior - an old buck that has been around for years, 6 years old or older

September - showed up on trail camera in September

Serendipity - this buck was sure a "pleasant surprise"

Shadow - a dark and mysterious buck seeming to always stay just out sight

Shaft - this buck is supporting some great main beams

Shakes - it's exactly what this buck gives you

SharpTooth - real sharp tines on this one

Sheds - you know he made it through the season for sure or you've been watching this one for a while

Shipwreck - very cool looking buck that can be typical with extra kickers or non-typical

Shooter - do we really need to explain this one?

ShortStuff - this buck is supporting a rack lacking hieght in one area or another

Short-Tine# - never really got any height out of this one

Short-Wide - just like the name intails, a wide rack with shorter tines *Pics*

Shorty - this buck looks good he is just short in one area

Shoveler - main beam or other points blade out at the end

ShowTime -this buck will steal the show this season

Shrek - a big-bodied deer that other bucks fear or he carries a major stench

ShyBoy - a buck rarely caught on camera *Pics*

Sidebar - bladed or very massive main beams

SidebySide - from the side this rack matches up perfectly

Side Sweeper - looks great from the side because he has extra tines or lots of tine length and mass

Silo - real tall rack on this one

Sir-Racks-A-Lot - ya know... Englishmen name bucks too

Six - this buck can be a big 6-point or have six points on each side

Sixer - a buck sporting six great looking points *Pics*

SixPack - this guy seems to carry one on each side

SixSix (66) - a buck with a matching six points on each side *Pics*

SkyRocket - going straight to the top of your hit list

SkyScraper - a really tall rack that reaches for the sky *Pics*

Sleeper - this buck will be something someday *Pics*

Slick - hard to kill or has a slicked-back style of rack*Pics*

Slim - a really tight rack with no mass and a skinny body

SlimJim - tines are tall with no mass *Pics*

SlingBlade - a buck with antlers that tilt forward and curve

Slowcooker - buck you have been passing for years, hoping he will grow big

Socks - has white patches above his hooves

Spartacus - a fighter of a buck that carries a lethal rack *Pics*

Spatula - this buck has a tine so bladed (or with growth on end) it might as well be a spatula

Special# - one of your favorite bucks, plus this one means something *Pics*

Spectacular# - one of the greatest looking bucks you've ever seen

Spike - real long tines on this rack or little spikes covering the rack *Pics*

Spike Wee - little spike horn thats going to kick butt

Spikeosaurus - just a real big 2-pointer here *Pics*

Split Brow # - has split brow tines or combine with the number of points *Pics*

Split G# - any of the points are split (ex. Split G2) *Pics*

Splits - a buck so cool he's got matching split tines on each side *Pics*

Spread - this buck is about as wide as they come

Spreadzilla - a spread so wide he can't even fit down the corn rows *Pics*

Spy - this young buck seems to always be tagging behind larger bucks

Squid - a rack with big flat tines looking like a squid tentacles *Pics*

Squiggly - odd buck with thinner tines or somewhat wavy tines *Pics*

Squirt - a real dink but could be good someday

Stag - a brute of a bachelor with long/tall main beams and tines

Starburst - this one has an explosition of points coming from his rack *Pics*

Stealth - a big but secretive and unobtrusive buck

Sticker - has one extra point growing off his rack *Pics*

Stickers - has a bunch of extra points all over his rack *Pics*

Stingray - a wide and lower-profile rack with G2s kicking back like a stingray's stinger *Pics*

StoneCold - you freeze whenever you see this buck or he doesn't answer any of your calls

St. Patrick - this buck must have hit the gene pool pot of gold!

Straight# - this typical has them tines lined up all in a row

Stretch -a real tall rack with tall tines

Stric-9 - 9-pointer that is lethal or deadly

Stubby - a buck with shorter but massive tines or rack with short stubs coming off tines *Pics*

Stud# - one heck of a buck with everything going on

Studly - a real handsome buck who is always with the does

StudMacKenzie - this stud is representing the whitetail world very well

Sugar - very sweet looking buck that is addicting!

Superman - you are going to be his kryptonite, buck with a flyer off the back of his rack

SwampDemon - he calls the swamp his home and he owns it

Sweeper - this buck's beams swept up during growth and just kept sweeping *Pics*

Sweet# - just a good-looking buck you can't get enough of

Sweetness - a huge buck that is beyond anything you could dream up!

Swish - nothing but net on this typical rack *Pics*

SwitchBlade - this rack has a real thin bladed tine sticking out of nowhere

Switchgrass - real tall, spindly tines or seen in the prairie grass often

Sword - large tines or one larger tine than the others

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