Buck Names starting with "T"...

T&A - tines and antlers... points, points and more points *Pics*

Tagged - in your head, he's already on the wall

Tails - you only get to see this buck leaving

Tall # - any buck with a taller rack, has a tall stance (ex. Tall 8)

TallBoy - tall and refreshing *Pics*

Tall Paul - this guy's one tall dude! *Pics*

TallTines - extra tall tines

Tank - a real bruiser, looks like a beast among other deer

Target - the buck you've been after

Taser - this rack looks as if it's been hit with an electirical shock

Tator Salad - they call him "Tator Salad" (Ron White)

Tatonka - this buck might as well be a buffalo, big-bodied buck *Pics*

TeaBag - can be small or large, this buck has a droptine with a rounded end

Teardrop - droptine with a ball/growth at the end or tiny droptine

Temptation - a great looking buck with so much to offer in the coming years

Terminal - he could be the end of you, big fighter buck

Tex - a real wide rack with short tines and a great set of brows *Pics*

Texas - because everything's big in Texas

Textbook - a perfect-looking typical buck... this is what they should look like

THE # - a buck this big deserves respect like this (ex. THE 9) *Pics*

The#Buck - the one everyone is after, when all other names just won't do (ex. The12Buck)

The Duke - a real bad ass buck with a tall and wide rack like the "Dukes" cowboy hat

The Mexican - are you a Mexi-can or a Mexi-can't, big and tough buck or has a darker-looking rack

Thor - Just like the superhero, a powerful but arrogant warrior who's always looking for a fight *Pics*

Three-D - this buck's rack just pops right out at you!

ThreePeat - a perfect six-point typical buck

ThumbsDown - the main beams on this rack curve straight down towards the end

Thumper -this buck will get the ol' heart a pumpin'

Thunderhead - when this buck comes rolling in you'll know it

Thwart - this big buck is smart and tends to keep you frustrated and baffled

Timber - massive rack, this one will fall this season *Pics*

Tineosaur - nothing but tines on this one

Tineosaurus Rex - tines are just huge, massive and tall

TinesMcGee - good lord this buck's got some tines going on

Tiny - a huge body with a massive, tight rack

TinyMan - either a buck with a huge rack but small body or small rack with huge body

TinyTines - not a lot of length on this buck

Tips - sharp points or has whiter-colored tips than the rest of the rack *Pics*

TippedUp - this rack sits really high upon the top

Titan - this one is a fighter, a clash of the Titans

Titanic - he's going down or you sunk that one

Toad - a real short and fat buck with thousands of bumbs all over his rack

Tomahawk - this buck's rack resembles the straight shaft and blades of an Indian's tomahawk *Pics*

TooWide - his rack is too wide for his own good - makes him a target!

TopHat - a real tall, square looking rack growing on top of this guys head *Pics*

TopSecret - a big buck that nobody will know about him until he is on your wall

TopTen - he has made your hit list this year for sure or a real tall 10-pointer

Torch - points come to sharp point, tips curve like flames *Pics*

Touchdown - a real big six point with a kicker for an extra point *Pics*

Tower - real tall tines, he just dwarfs all other bucks

Towers - a buck with a rack that sits real high off his head *Pics*

Triad - this buck is at the top of the pyramid or has a rack that angles up and in like a triangle

T-Rex - main beams split at the end looking like two little arms hanging down

Trigger - hard to kill, fast as a hair trigger, one you can't wait to pull the trigger on

TripleBrow - a little something extra coming off the brows

TriplePlay - three main beams or three points off of one

Tripod - there is a reason he only has three legs

Trophy - this name explains it all!

TurkeyFoot - tine splits off into three points, looking like a turkey track

Turmoil - nothing goes right when you see him or he messes with your head

Twilight - this buck is the definition of nocturnal

Twisted - a real messed up rack on this non-typical

Twister - looks like an EF-5 went through this non-typical rack

Twizzler - his points or rack kind of a have a twist to them

Two-D - a real flat rack or an ordinary buck with nothing special going on

TwoHundey - a giant buck that will measure over 200 inches

TwoPac - they say he was shot and killed but nobady knows for sure

TwoTone -a buck with a multi-colored rack or coat

Typical# - this buck is carrying a real uniform rack

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