"The Random Name Picker!"

Names for Big Bucks...

Armageddon - the end to all other deer records, big brute

Aundrea - the most massive, wide, tallest-tined, largest buck you've ever seen that is totally unattainable

Awe - the only word that come out when you lay eyes on this guy

BC - a real Boone & Crockett for sure or a really ancient buck

Beast - big buck, a fighter, all other bucks stay clear of this guy *Pics*

BFB - big freaking buck

BigBigs - this buck has it all... big rack carried by a big body

BigBoy - this big-bodied buck has an even bigger rack

BigJohn - this is one big buck the other deer don't even mess with

BigSexy - an absulute stud of a buck worshiped by does wanted by hunters

Bison - a brute of a buck, always with the herd

BoneChiller - makes your skin crawl when you see him

BoneCrusher - massive, huge monster of a buck thats been busting up other bucks

Booner - he will make the books for sure

Bruiser - a big, old, heavy, fighter of a buck *Pics*

Brute - just one brute of a buck all around

Brutus - one big-bodied buck with a rack to match

BucketListBuck - you've always wanted one this big

Buckzilla - big body and rack, the Japanese would fear him

BullBuck - this buck is so big he blends in with the cattle

Captain - the main buck of the woods, large and in charge *Pics*

Chubby - heavy-bodied buck or a massive rack

Chunky - this buck might be a little over weight, massive rack

Colossal - real big buck, out of this world rack *Pics*

Destroyer - will put all other bucks to shame

DonkeyMan - this buck is just a brute of a deer *Pics*

Elephant - hard to kill because he never forgets or two tines that stick out like tusk

Empire - a wide and tall rack worthy of a king *Pics*

Folklore - this big buck is a legend and very talked about

FortyPointBuck - just that much better then the 30-point buck!

Godzilla -a huge bodied buck with a massive rack

Goliath - a big rack on a big body

Gorilla - big buck with a grayish or more silver-colored back or coat

Hercules - big-bodied buck that is always winning the fights

HighBrow - crazy tall brows going on here!

Hillbilly Deluxe - a giant buck that was shorted in the gene pool *Pics*

Hog - just a big 'whitetail pig' of a buck here

Hogzilla - a real monster of a 'whitetail pig' *Pics*

Humongous - a huge that you may need help getting this one back to camp

Iceberg - really white, massive rack on this buck

JohnDeere - this is one big agriculture buck that makes the Midwest proud

KingKong - a big-bodied buck with a massive rack

LittleBigs - young deer with a big rack and lots more potential

LouisvilleSlugger - very massive tines plus a home run in your book

MacDaddy - a real big buck supporting a real big rack

Macho - just a brute of a buck or at least he thinks so

MegaBuck - you hit the jackpot on this big, ol' buck

Monster - big body and rack that is a little messed up or has some neat character

Mule - a stubborn, huge-bodied buck

NASA - this buck has a really sky high rack *Pics*

OutLaw - he's WANTED, a real fighter of a buck that has not been seen very much *Pics*

Overall - rack that seems to have it all - width, mass, tine numbers, tine length, etc.

Pig - a real giant of a 'whitetailed pig' buck

PrettyBoy - this big buck really trips your trigger! *Pics*

Qualifier - this guy will make the hit list for sure

Rack-Tastic - he is definitely on the hit list this year with his great rack

RiverMonster - this thing is scary awesome and roams a river bottom

RumorHasIt - this giant buck is the talk of the town and has a lot of stories being spread about him!

Shipwreck - very cool looking buck that can be typical with extra kickers or non-typical

Shrek - a big-bodied deer that other bucks fear or he carries a major stench

Spreadzilla - a spread so wide he can't even fit down the corn rows *Pics*

Tank - a real bruiser, looks like a beast among other deer

Tatonka - this buck might as well be a buffalo, big-bodied buck *Pics*

Tiny - a huge body with a massive, tight rack

Titan - this one is a fighter, a clash of the Titans

TwoHundey - a giant buck that will measure over 200 inches

Umpteen - well at least you know this buck is sporting more than twelve points *Pics*

Volcanic# - points just spewing out the top of his rack

WallHanger - it's worth the $ to hang this buck on your wall

Walmart Buck - this buck has everything you are looking for plus more *Pics*

Whopper - a real big buck with tines just stacked up

Wilber - Similar to Charlotte's Web, you'll be saying, "That's some pig..."

Xtra - this guy has a little extra something special such as kickers and stickers *Pics*

YardStick - you would swear his tines are at least that long!

Zeus - the god of all bucks

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