AA – this buck most belong to ‘Antlers Anonymous’ because of his addiction with tines

Abe – just like “Honest Abe,” this buck is supporting a squared, typical rack *Pics*

Abnormal – well, there is just nothing normal going on with this rack

Abort – this buck will get the pass… for this season at least

Absolutely – no doubt about it, this buck is on the hit list!

Abstract – his rack is like a master piece, a gnarly one at that *Pics*

Abundance – this buck is definitely not short in the tine category

Ace – this buck will trump all this season, the one *Pics*

Acid – this rack looks like it is melting, lots of droptines

“ack” – not quite a full rack on this buck

Acorn – this guy has a real sweet tooth or tip of tine has an acorn shape growth *Pics*

Addiction – you just can’t get enough of this buck!

Adobe – this rack looks as if it might have been photoshoped

Adolescent – a real immature buck that will get the pass for now, but maybe it has some unique character

Adrenaline – this one will get the ol’ heart a pumpin’ *Pics*

Advanced – definitely ahead of the herd this year

Advil -this buck is just what you need to cure your buck fever

Affordable – this buck is going to make a great skull mount and that’s all he will ever be

A-Frame – tines grew up and inwards, almost touching at the top

Aftermath – a big old non-typical rack with points, kickers and stickers everywhere

Again – seems like every time you hit the woods, this buck shows up

AirTight – this buck has so little of an inside spread, not even sure the wind could blow through it

Alberta – particular buck you are after in Alberta, Cananda, or has a dark rack like a Canadian buck

Alien – this buck is something from a different planet for sure

Align – a real nice typical rack that seems to match up perfectly

AllRack – nothing but rack on this buck

All-Star – an all around good looking buck *Pics*

Alpha – this buck is the top dog and #1 on your hit list *Pics*

AmpleTine – this rack seems to have more then enough tines

Anarchy – nothing normal about this ones rack

Andre – the giant… of the buck world

Angle – there doesn’t seem to be a straight point on this buck

Antique – one of the oldest bucks you’ve ever seen

Apollo 13 – Thirteen points, sky high rack, only seen at night (the moon)

AppleJacks – it just seems like a good name when all else fails, loves the apples *Pics*

Armageddon – the end to all other deer records, big brute

Armed – this buck is ready for a fight

Arson – very sharp-tipped tines that curve a bit and could look like flames

A.R.T. – al-ready-tagged

Artaxes – greek god that was a great warrior

Artificial – looks almost unreal like not all of those tines could be natural

Assassin – this buck is loaded with weapons for tines

Atomic – this buck’s rack really blew up from watching it last year, rack is a real mess with tines everywhere

August – its when you first seen this dream buck

Aundrea – the most massive, wide, tallest-tined, largest buck you’ve ever seen that is totally unattainable

Average – nothing out of the norm here but still a good buck

Awe – the only word that come out when you lay eyes on this guy

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