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Naming Your Buck

I think it’s human nature to name objects we are close too. We name our pets, trucks, guns/bows, tree stands, deer… just about everything! Naming bucks is nothing new; in fact, I am sure that Daniel Boone named the first buck he shot or shot at. The thing is that with the new technology of trail cameras, we have TONS more bucks to name. That means a lot more thinking of “what should I call this one?” And of course COOL names make your buck sound just that much better! This is the reason why we brought you TrailCamTrophies.com!

When we get a trail camera picture of a new buck, we first decide if he even needs a name. Some young bucks or smaller bucks we don’t name for the simple fact that there are too many of them and they don’t stand out one another. The younger bucks seem to come and go more often, plus they have not developed any “character” for a name yet. However, we will name younger bucks that show abnormal antler growth or weird physical traits.

So when is it time to give that buck a name? At about the age of 3-1/2 years we will usually come up with a clever name for that buck. The buck has a big enough rack now and we are likely watching for the fall’s hit list or dreaming of what this buck could grow to be for future hit lists. We will have a history with the buck as well and this will aid in the naming process. We also name bucks that show up during the rut, some giants have walked in front of our camera’s during the rut and will never show up again but we still name them.

Picking out names can be really easy for some bucks or incredibly hard for others…

Start with your history with the buck. Have you had encounters with him in the past? Trail camera pictures of the buck since he was young? If he has been around for a while then you might try to think of some names based on his attitudes or personal character. Is he nocturnal? Is he afraid of everything in the woods? Or is the dominate/bully? Does he have a strong odor to him? Or is he always sneaking up on you? Has he out smarted you before? Or have you missed your shot once already? Thinking of names based on your history with the buck can make it really easy to pick out a unique name.

1) I shot a buck two years ago with the name “Ugly”. Ugly got his name from his broken jaw which caused his tongue to hang out all the time. We have pictures of him from a yearling until I harvested him at 3-1/2 years old.
2) Another example of a buck we had was “HeartBreaker.” This giant buck showed up late season making his way toward a frozen Jen in the tree stand. However, instead of following the doe right below her, he turned to follow another doe just out of range. Simply, he first filled her with hope and then broke her heart as she knew that was her last chance as season was closing. She never saw him again.
buck name

Next, we like to look at the buck’s antlers. This is how about 80 percent of all bucks get there names because our eyes are drawn straight to the rack. What makes this buck’s antlers stand out from the rest of the bucks? Does he have a typical or non-typical rack? Does he have really tall tines or is he lacking? Do any of the tines split, bend or are they broken? Take a look at the width and the mass, is there anything that stands out here? Does he have a really tight rack or is it really wide? How much mass does he carry through out the rack? There are lots of thing to look at with the antlers and hundreds of names to pick out based on them.

1) We had a buck that showed up on trail camera two years ago with lots of inside points growing in a row. His rack reminded us of a chainsaw blade, so in return we named him “Chainsaw”.
buck name
2) Last year we had a younger buck with both G2’s split at the top. Since they kinda look like quotation marks, we came up with the name “Nixon” after former-president Richard Nixon.
buck name

If you are still stumped on giving a buck a name, then we like to look at where the buck lives. Is this a river bottom buck? Or is he in the bean field all the time? Do you spot him from the highway each night? Do you see him when feeding the cows on the back 40? Or does he live in the city? Any place a buck calls home can generate a cool name for him.

If you are still stumped then go with a name that is just fun. Try to pick a name that everyone will remember and your group can have fun with. The more clever the name, the more excitement gets built up about this buck. We have buck names like “HillBilly Deluxe,” “Charlie Brown” and Jen’s favorite… “Chuck Norris”. There are hundreds of names like these ones.
buck name

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