Cambush Peel & Stick

IMG_1359(1)Cambush has taken all the work out of concealing your trail camera. Simply measure, cut, peel and stick. In a matter of minutes, I had my first camera ready to roll. Cambush has added the adhesive right on the back of the material making it easy to apply Cambush. I was a little wary at first about how well it would hold up in the elements, but after about six months of cold and heat, rain and snow, Cambush has not showed any signs of coming off.

Here is how I applied Cambush:
I used the following items: trail camera, Cambush Peel & Stick, scissors, toothpick, piece of cardboard and E20 glue.

Step 1: Starting from the bottom of the camera, stretch a portion of Cambush over the camera. Align the top of the Cambush just below the lens and make sure the bottom of the Cambush does not interfere with closing the door. Cut a piece long enough to cover the whole front door, peel off the white backing and stick to the camera.
IMG_1366(1) IMG_1368(1)

Step 2: Cut the next piece of Cambush so it covers just to the PIR sensor. Repeat on the opposite side. I choose my height based on the little light sensor on the left side of the camera. DO NOT COVER! (If you cover this up, the camera will always think it is dark ruining all daytime photos!) Make the length of both pieces just long enough to cover the front of the camera.
FullSizeRender 7 IMG_1374

Step 3: The next pieces I cut to fit between the sides and the flash panel. I chose my height based on the Cambush applied in step 2. Depending on the size of the camera you may not need this layer or you may need to apply one more layer.
FullSizeRender 5 FullSizeRender 6

Step 4: Wrap the Cambush around the top of the flash panel. Starting and ending in the middle section of the fabric you placed in step 3. You want the loose ends of the fabric pointing toward the front of the camera (shown).
FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender 3

Step 5: Next, I cut two little sections and filled in the gaps left between step 2 and 3. These gaps were created because we could not cover the light sensor. You may need to cut more of these pieces and fill in any areas that you missed in the earlier steps.
FullSizeRender 9

Step 6: When finished with applying Cambush to your trail camera, it should look like Chewbacca from Star Wars! Plus, plenty of Cambush left to do a second camera. Don’t worry about the extra fabric or hanging pieces, we will finish up in the next steps.
FullSizeRender 10

Step 7: Adding the finishing touches. Fold back the fabric that is hanging over the flash panel on the top. I just folded the tips back and glued them to the other end. Cut any extra or loose fabric that may bunch or move on you. If you cut the strands to different lengths, you will add more depth to the look. Be sure to cut and remove any fabric that could blow in front of the camera lens or sensor. I used a small amount of glue to hold smaller pieces in place. Get creative with this part – save and reuse any pieces you cut off.
IMG_1395 IMG_1413

Finished product! This is how my Cambush’d camera looked like when done. Get creative with it, have fun and involve a child if possible. This is a fun product to use and makes your camera disappear out in the wild. I put this trail camera out the first of April and Cambush still works and looks great! Priced less than $15 with enough material for two cameras and proudly Made in the USA – visit for more information.


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