Camera “A” 2012 (Second Pull)

Camera “A”
June 24 – July 17
Type – WGI X6C
Location – Timber “A” Bean Field

We kept this camera in the same spot overlooking a bean field. This is the second card pull for this camera and it appears to be in the right spot. I had 597 trail camera photos, all new bucks except for one and lots of little fawns. There were some bucks from the first card pull I would have loved to see this time, but no luck catching them again. I also had pictures of turkeys again but no little ones this round. Here are some the pics:

This guy is going to be a great buck! He has lots of growing left in his G2’s and 3’s and is loaded with character. We do not have any history with this buck, but we are a hoping he stays!

Here is a good looking young, wide buck. Always good to see width in the younger bucks!

Here is a great looking 8-point. He has some tine growth left, but for the most part he shows us what he is going to be. Good looking buck!

Here is a buck that I hope gives us more pictures. Looks like he is mature and has lots of growth left this season. He also has something going on with his G2.

Here is one of many fawns! We’ve had a good year for baby deer so far.

Here is a doe with what looks like a huge mole or wart below here eye?

Another coyote! Need to get these under control…


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