Camera “A” 2012 (First Pull)

Camera “A”
June 6 – June 24
Type – WGI X6C
Location – Timber “A” Bean Field

Pulled the first of the cards this weekend! We got about 900 photos, with two bucks we think will be worth watching. Not any bucks we can recognize now from last year, but we will see once they grow. Here are some of the pics:

buck namesback names
This buck is the biggest one we got so far. His body tells us he is a mature buck. Too early to tell how good the rack will be. Too early to be given a name.

buck names
This guy is the other good looking buck we got. He does not show the rack too much but he looks like he will have the width and the mass of a good one. We will have to wait, watch, and name when we see what he will become.

buck names
Here is a young buck with a split bow tine. Great genetics going should be good in the future!

buck names
Here is “Walter” the buck with a “W” on his head! Be fun to see what he grows into the next few years.

This is a great sign, mama hen with 7 baby chicks!


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  1. I just love Walter… I think it should have been Waldo though!

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