Camera “C” 2012 (First Pull)

Camera “C”
June 6 – June 27
Type – WGI X6C
Location – Timber “C” Clearing

We pulled two more trail camera cards this week, we got three bucks that could make the hit list this year. Is it October yet?

This is Buck “A” for now. We think he is at least a 3-1/2-year-old and has some good potential. He has a tall bladed brow, good width and descent mass. We are going to keep track of him and see what he grows into.

This is Buck “B” for now. This is the oldest buck we have a camera so far this year. His mass is GREAT and he has a lot of growing to do yet. Going to be at least a 10-point with width passed his ears. He gave us two pics this round but the second one was real blurry. We are very excited to see what he grows into and give him a name! You will want to stay tuned for this one.

This is buck “C” for now. It is really cool to see how much he grew in the past 3 weeks. These pictures were taken 18 days apart and he put on some inches! A young buck, 2-1/2, but we hope he will stick around for a couple more years.

We got several pictures of these two does through out the weeks. It’s a good sign to see that they are doing great. The only problem is the picture below… Gotta do some coyote hunting!

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  1. So excited about that massive guy – hopefully we’ll see what he turns out to be!

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