Camera “C” 2012 (Second Pull)

Camera “C”
June 27 – July 28
Type – WGI X6C
Location – Timber “C” Clearing

I was able to pull this camera card on Saturday. We ended up getting two of the bucks we were looking for on camera and one new buck. We went ahead and moved the trail camera to a new location within the same timber, but closer to water (since we are in a severe drought) and food source. We are really excited to see the results from the new location.

Here are the pictures:

“Sixer” we had one picture of this buck last year, and had seen him in person a couple of times during season. He is a main-frame 6-point with a kicker (both last year and this year). We are sure he is 3.5 years old, and he might be on the hit list since he has such a unique rack (drastically angles forward) and depending on how aggressive he gets. A real cool-looking buck, but he won’t score high.

“Sixer” in 2011

The buck in the background of Sixer in the following photos is new buck we got on camera. I have looked through photos from past years and don’t recognize him from any of those bucks. He looks like a main frame 9-pointer with kickers of both G2’s. Not too sure on the age yet but between 3.5 and 4.5 years old, I think.

Now, here is the buck that has us all excited! This is the second picture I have of him this spring. He did not give me a great photo, but I can see he has split G2’s and a split G3 on his right side. We are currently throwing some names around for this buck, but we really want to wait until we get a better picture or come up with a solid, awesome name for him! He deserves it! He is going on the hit list for sure! His mass is just incredible… so Jen’s throwing out the name “Incredible Hulk.”

Here are a couple younger bucks:

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