Camera “C” 2012 (Third Pull)

Camera “C”
July 28 – August 18
Type – WGI X6C
Location – Timber “C” Field Edge

We decided to move this trail camera to the edge of a bean field. We ended up finding a good trail leading from bedding to the beans that was also close to a small pool of water still left in the drought. We were hoping to get more pictures of the massive 8-point, but he never showed. However, we did get pictures of some bucks we knew in years past as well as bucks we’d gotten earlier this spring.

Here is a buck that could be a good management buck, he looks as if he is older with short tines, good mass, long beam length and lots of character. If you look close, he bent his left G2 straight down and it has continued to grow that way.

Here is a good looking 9-point buck. We had pictures of him earlier this year but they were not this good. He has two little kickers on each of his G2’s, we would like to give him the pass this year, but he may be very tempting come November.

This is the only clear picture we got of this nice 8-point. I can’t really tell  how wide he is, but he does have the tine height. He will be a buck to watch for in a year or two.

This is the most impressive buck we got this time around. We knew this buck as I picked up his left shed two years ago in this exact field while out spring turkey hunting. Then my brother-in-law found the matching shed last fall at a nearby fence crossing. However, this is our first ever photo of him. We believe this 10-point to be at least 4.5, but more likely 5.5 years old. He will be on the Hit List for sure! Come on October 1st!

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