Camera “D” 2012 (First Pull)

Camera “D”
June 6 – June 27
Type – WGI X6C
Location – Timber “D” Timber Ridge

Camera “D” is set up inside a timber next to what we think is good bedding area. We got one good buck on each trail camera this round and a few that we need to watch.

This is Buck “A” for now. This guy looks like he may become a good non-typical. On his right side, it looks like he has at least five brow tines! He his going to have good height and width. Can’t wait for the next card pull on this one!

This is Buck “B” for now. He looks like a young buck, but does show some sign of being great someday. He is going to have a real tall rack and look really good walking through the timber!

“Warts” – Not sure what is going on with guy but he seems to have warts or growths. I have other pictures of bucks in the past with these, they seem to go away with age.

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  1. That’s gonna be some awesome brows!!! Hope we keep getting him on trail cam!

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