Closing of our 3-D season

The countdown to October 1st has officially begun, which means we are now switching field points for broadheads. But before we cut off our 3-D archery season, we had to one more shoot this weekend! We didn’t make it to as many 3-Ds as we usually do during the summer; however, attending any 3-D shoot is another step toward being a better archer and, even more important to us, a better bowhunter. Shooting a 3-D archery course is as close as you can get to a real hunting situation, creating great practice for judging distances, handling some nerves, picking a spot, holding your aim, following through and sometimes dealing with outdoor elements such as rain, wind, extreme shadows and glares of sunlight. However, 3-D shoots also create great camaraderie as you are with fellow archers, meet new archers and are an excellent way to introduce youth, women or any beginner to archery.

Good luck to everyone this fall season and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s 3-D shoots!



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