Covert The Outlook (2014)

The Outlook

Update: Jan. 2016 This camera is still working as well as the first day I put it out. Battery life is still great. Dependable camera.

This camera is new for 2014 by Covert and is the first wide lens trail camera I have tested. The Outlook has a fish-eye lens with two IR sensors, one on each side. This allow you to cover 130 degrees in front of the camera, which makes it perfect for scouting food plots and field edges. To make it even better, The Outlook also comes with a time-lapse mode making scouting even easier. The one thing I was worried about were the photos. I was thinking this was going to produce two side-by-side photos and I would have to combine them into one. Instead, it produces one photo with some really cool “fish-eye” effects. Plus, the HD video this camera produces is just awesome! It’s hard to believe it’s a trail camera taking the video. So far I am impressed with this trail camera, and it’s doing awesome on field edges.

Manufactures Technical Specs

  • 3-5-8-12 MP photo resolutions
  • 130-degree photos
  • Time-lapse mode
  • 3″ LCD display
  • HD video with sound
  • 1-second trigger speed
  • Operates on 4, 8 or 12 AA batteries


  • Range – Covers way more ground than most cameras
  • Videos – Awesome 1080p video with sound
  • Trigger Speed – This camera is FAST
  • Viewer – Huge 3″ viewer
  • Protection – Password protected so only you can use your camera
  • Warranty – 1 Year with the best customer support teams. They’ve got your back!


  • Photos – With the “fish-eye” lens, it is hard to get close-up photos
  • Night Videos – If the batteries are too low, the night videos will be shorter

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