Eathquake – this big buck will shake you out of your tree

Earl – you will never forget the name of this buck, “My Name is Earl” *Pics*

Easy – young buck that answers to all your rattling/calls or is always around

Edward Scissorhands – a big ten with real long tines

EggHead – buck with a tight rack that angles up and curves in like an egg-shaped rack

Egor – missed up rack that looks like it is hunched up

EiffelTower – real tall tines with great mass at the base *Pics*

EightBall – all signs point to “yes”, this massive, round eight point will be yours *Pics*

EightTheGreat – this eight is far greater than most eights

Elephant – hard to kill because this buck never forgets or he has two tines that stick out like tusks

Elliot – just like the cartoon this buck is missing half of his rack

Empire – this rack is both tall and wide *Pics*

Engage – this buck finally made the hit list this year

Enjoy – you’re going to really enjoy this kill

Enormous – just an absolute giant buck with a huge body

Entangled – this rack is all twisted up in itself

Entertwined – can’t really tell where this tines are coming from

Epic – this rack is one for the ages

Equal# – there will be no deductions with this typical

Equipped – this buck seems to have it all

Escape – a hard to kill buck that is always finds his way around you

Espionage – you plan to keep spying on this big buck and hope to hunt him unnoticed this fall

E.T. – this non-typical is something from another world

EvenSteven – just a perfect rack on both sides with little deductions

Everest – this buck has the tallest rack in the woods, tall-tined rack

Excessive – this rack seems to go above and beyond all others

Exotic – you won’t find a rack like this one anywhere else or a rack like an African animal

Explode – points going every which way with this rack or was small last year and grew a lot this year

Extra – this guy has a little extra something special such as kickers and stickers

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