Facebook – everyone knows about him on the net

FairPlay – public land buck anyone could get

Falcon – this rack has ultra sharp, pointed tips to the tines

FalseAlarm – this guy may have you fooled at first but he will need another year

Fangs – really tall sharp brow tines

Fat# – the massive rack is what sets this buck apart from others

Farley – a real wide rack on a bigger bodied buck *Pics*

FeedLot – often seen around livestock

Femur – massive, long tines on this rack

FenceRow – like most country fences, these tines don’t match up evenly and are off-set *Pics*

Fever – this big buck makes you hot and bothered

Fifty-Five(55) – this buck looks like he has 55 gallon drum for a rack *Pics*

Fighter – this buck just plain likes to fight and can end up with broken tines and gashes after season *Pics*

Fireworks – all sorts of extra tines on this guy or end of main beam splits open into several tines

FirstClass – nothing but the best with this buck

Five by Five (or 5×5) – a real nice uniform 10-pointer

Flappy – seems like one or both ears were injured some how

Flash – you would swear this buck likes to have his pictures taken

FlashBack – this familiar looking buck looks like one from the past

FlatTop – this wide buck looks good at first but has short tines

Flawless# – nothing but a good typical here *Pics*

Floppy – a buck with a damaged ear or broken ear/tine hanging down *Pics*

Flyer – points coming off the back of this rack

Folklore – this big buck is a legend and very talked about

FortKnox – this rack is tight, really tight

FourPlay – everybody would like a little fourplay *Pics*

FortyPointBuck – just that much better then the 30-point buck!

Four x Four (or 4×4) – a real nice uniform 8-pointer *Pics*

Frankenstein – rack looks like something out of a horror movie

Freak – one messed up rack

Freak Nasty – even more messed up then the freak *Pics*

FreakOfNature – there is nothing normal about this guy

FreakShow – this buck is all sorts of messed up

Frizzle – this buck has a ton of little bumps all over his bases or started good but ended small

Fu Manchu – a rack with tines or the main beams turning down at the end

Fumble – seems like someone dropped the ball on this buck or came from a neighboring property

Funk – you could smell this buck two miles before you spotted him

Futuristic – this thing has got to be something from the future

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