G6 – this buck is “so fly like a G6”

G2Buck – this buck’s G2s touch the sky *Pics*

G3Buck – his most prominent feature, the G3s are longer than the G2s on this buck

Gadzooks – the only words that come to mind when you see this buck

GameChanger – this one is going to change the way you hunt this year

GameDay – the one you’ve been waiting for

Garfield – this buck is one cool cat

Geezer – one of the oldest bucks around, seems to know all tricks

Gembok – just a real tall spike here

General – the highest ranked typical buck in the woods *Pics*

Genius – this guy has a lot going on between his ears

Getaway – always seems to avoid your sites or the one your after

Giant# – a big rack on a big body *Pics*

GiddyUp – in the famous words of Kramer

Gigantic# – this buck is just a monster

Gimp – seems like this guy has hurt his leg some how

Ghost – albino buck or a buck with a lighter-colored coat or one that’s hardly seen *Pics*

GlamourBoy – real handsome buck who isn’t shy in front of the camera *Pics*

Gnarls – big non-typical with points and growth everywhere

GnarlsBarkley – big ol’ gnarly buck and star of the herd

Gnarly – points going every which way with rack

Godzilla -a huge bodied buck with a massive rack

Goliath – a big rack on a big body

Good&Plenty – a real nice buck with lots of points to go around

Goofy – just a funny looking rack on a young buck plus acts kind of strange *Pics*

GooseBumps – it’s what you got when you seen the pictures of this buck! *Pics*

Gopher – it seems like this buck lives under ground for the season

Gorilla – big buck with a grayish or more silver-colored back or coat

Gramps – this old-timer’s been around for awhile or has a laid-back rack like a rocking chair *Pics*

Grande – “Ay, caramba!” That’s one big buck!

Grandpa – an old, wise buck that walks with a limp

GraveDigger – a real ghostly, eerie buck that calls the graveyard his home

Great# – this is just a great looking buck all around *Pics*

GreyGhost – a buck with a more greyish coat not seen much at all

GreenGiant – this tall tine giant is always seen in the bean field

Guard – has tall brow tines or beams wrapping around in front of face to really guard and protect him

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