Hunten GSC30-30IR

UPDATE: This camera is still running although I do not use it anymore. I have since given this camera to my nephew who likes to play around with it.

I’ve owned this camera for about six months now. I had to replace the earlier version due to moisture in the case from a rain storm. After upgrading to the new version with video, I am pleased with its performance. I would say this is a great small-budget camera.


  • Battery Life – good battery life in colder temps
  • Noise – no noise with this camera
  • Pictures – good daytime pics at 3 mp
  • Delay – as low as 10-second delay
  • Modes – Video and still photos
  • Price – you can get this camera for under $100
  • Warranty – 1 Year


  • Pictures – night pics are very low-resolution at 1.3 mp
  • Video – only takes 20-second videos
  • Size – larger in size compared to other camera models
  • Battery life – batteries last only about 2 months in warm weather

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