I-Beam – massive main beams with a real heavy rack *Pics*

Iceberg – really white, massive rack on this buck

Icon – you will be looking up to this deer for a long time

I.D. – this rack will be easy to recognize in the woods

Idea – tight rack that goes up tall then rounds out like a light bulb

Identical – a real nice typical buck or rack has not changed from last season

Idle – this buck’s rack seems to be going nowhere, just doesn’t have the genetics

Idol – this buck could be your hero

Ignore – this buck will need a few years to make the hit list

Image – the sight of this buck seems like it is burned into the back of your head

Immature – this buck just isn’t ready yet

Immerge – a shooter that seems to have just come out of the blue and showed up

Immortal – it seems like this buck will not go down

Impact – looks like this guy had a run into something while in velvet

Impala – a big spike with impala-looking antlers

Impassable – a good looking that won’t be allowed to walk out of your shooting lane

Implode – inside points everywhere on this rack or an older buck thats rack is going downhill

Impossible – no matter how hard you try you never get a shot

Improved – this buck really grew from last season to this season

Inbred – this buck is all kinds of messed up

Inches – they just keep adding up with this buck *Pics*

Incomplete – this buck is missing a point here and there

Incubator – nice buck but needs more time to grow

Indent – this rack seems like it grew in more than out or has a tine that appears indented

Inefficient – just not enough genetics and potential to justify your time

Infant – a real young buck with lots of potential

Inferno Sr. – this is one hell of a buck and has fiery characteristics or attitude *Pics*

Inferno Jr. – a younger version of “Inferno Sr.” and you’re glad the genetics continue *Pics*

Interesting – non-typical rack with some unique features

Interior – lots of inside points that look like they were perfectly laid out

Intertwine – tines growing together in all different directions

Ironic – a buck that resembles a buck from the past or a perfect rack with two matching sides*Pics*

Irregular – there is nothing normal about this rack

It – when you don’t really know what to name him

Ivory – really white antlers on this one, wanted for his rack

Ivy – showed up on camera with his rack covered in vegetation *Pics*

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