Jack – you don’t know “Jack”

Jackalope – this rack is lacking points but still huge 4 or 6 point

JackFrost – looks like ice cycles hanging off this rack, this buck gives you the chills

JackHammer – this big buck might just shake you out of the tree

JackKnife – a big sticker coming off a point at a straight 90 degrees

Jack-O-Lantern – a wide, curved rack with short brows that resembles the frame of a pumpkin *Pics*

JackPot – you’ve hit the lottery with this one

Jagged – a lot of kickers and stickers on this rack *Pics*

Jalopy – this poor buck came from the wrong gene pool

January – now this is how your supposed to bring in the new year

Jaws – his rack reminds you of shark’s teeth or has lots of inside points

JD – juvenile delinquent, this young buck is just looking for trouble

JellyBean – tines grew with a tiny ball on the end of them

Jeopardy – who is the next buck on your hit list?

Jerk – this buck just doesn’t play nice with others or is a real bully

Jetty – this rack grew a kicker that just kinda sticks out there

Jig-Saw – this buck is so busted up you might need your grandma to put him back together

Jinx – nothing but bad ever comes from this buck

Jockey – a real small bodied buck with a big rack

Joe Dirt – this young buck turned out to be genetically disappointing

Joey – younger buck that is always jumping your string

JohnDeere – this is one big agriculture buck that makes the Midwest proud

Joker – this guy seems to always be one step ahead of you

Judge – this big buck is the one that does the ruling

Juggernaut – this brute of a buck seems to be running over the competition

Jugs – just another word for a nice, big rack

Juiced – looks like he has been hitting the protein, all pumped up and ready for a fight

Jumper – gained a lot of points this year or dodges arrows and bullets with ease

Junior – a real young buck with great genetics that could be on your hit list soon *Pics*

Juniper – spends most of his day hanging out in the bushes

Junkyard – this rack is just covered with kickers, stickers and everything in between

Jurassic – a real old buck that has been on the farm for years

JV – junior varsity, a young buck that hasn’t made it to the big leagues yet but has potential *Pics*

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