K2 – a tall tined buck named after the second highest mountian *Photos*

Kabobs – a rack with long thin tines

Kaleidoscope – a radical non-typical with points going everywhere

Kamikaze – a buck with a death wish

Kaput – a buck that has reached his potential and is now going downhill

Kernel – this buck seems to be in charge of the cornfield

KetchUp – this buck better grow fast to keep up with the others

KickBack – a real nice kicker coming straight off the back of his rack *Photos*

Kickers – this rack is supporting junk around every corner

KickStand – a buck with a drop on only one side of his rack *Pics*

KillDeer – how could you not like a buck with a name like this?

KillerBee – kickers off the back like bee stingers

King – this buck wears a crown of antlers

KingCrab – the biggest crab clawed rack you’ve ever seen

KingKong – a big-bodied buck with a massive rack

KingTut – king of the woods or wears a crown of antlers

Kink – this rack had some weird growth during velvet

Kiwi – a fun name to give to one of your favorite bucks that will be around for awhile *Pics*

Klondike – what would you do for this klondike buck?

Klutz – it seems like this buck is always busted up or hurt

Knight – one tine taller then the rest or never seen in during daylight

Knockers – this buck is supporting a great looking rack

KnotHole – this rack grew with a hole(s) in it

Knots – tines have knots on the end of them

KnuckleHead – an annoying young buck that keeps coming back or rack with swollen bases *Pics*

K.O. – a real knockout

Kookie – this guy has a real messed up rack and acts the same too

Kracken – a gnarly missed up rack or the dominate buck

KumAndGo – this buck is everywhere or seen everytime you hit the woods

Kumquat – a memorable name for a memorable buck

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