Laced – this guy’s rack looks like a tied shoe

LaidBack – rack angles back on his head more or a non-aggressive buck

Lambeau – a true cheese head from the frozen tundra of the north

LameBuck – this buck has a bad foot/shoulder/leg or a disappointing rack

LayAway – you’re planning on putting this buck on hold for now

LazyBones – his rack didn’t improve much from last year

Lefty – his left rack seems to have got the mineral and right rack was left short

Legacy – looking like a buck from the past, this guy was handed down some good genetics *Pics*

Legend – you’ve heard or been getting trail cam pics of this buck but no one has seen him in person *Pics*

Lemon – this buck is not all he is cracked up to be

Lengthy – long, long tines on this guy

LeroyBrown – “bad, bad Leroy Brown, the baddest buck in the whole damn town,” fighter

Lieutenant – not the biggest buck but still up top in the rankings

Limp – this buck walks with a limp or has a tine hanging down

LittleBigs – young deer with a big rack and lots more potential

LittleBoomer – this is a young buck already supporting a lot of rack

LittleGiant – going to be a hog some day, tons of potential if he is given more time *Pics*

LittleHeavy – young buck with lots of mass *Pics*

LittleJoe – just like the Cartwrights, this one is young but hotheaded

Loaded – this guy seems to have it all

LochNessMonster – very few trail cam pics of this monster

Lonely – a buck always by himself that doesn’t get along with others

Loner– this buck runs alone and comes and goes as he pleases *Pics*

LopSided – it’s just not fair for the other side to have to compete with this side

Loser – always by himself or a real poor rack

LottaMoney – this buck could be worth a lot of money or you’d give up a lot just for a chance at him!

LouisvilleSlugger – very massive tines plus a home run in your book

Lucky – has been shot at and missed in the past… by someone else I’m sure *Pics*

LumberJack – is constantly tearing up the trees in your woods *Pics*

Lumpy – seems to have growths on his body or his rack

Lunar – nothing but night pictures of this buck

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