Mid-October Trail Cam Update 2012

Here are the latest trail camera pictures from a couple of our cameras. This time of year we like to place cameras near stands, giving us a chance to pattern the deer as well as change out SD cards when we hunt. The first set of pictures (WGI X6C) are from two recently combined cornfields. This area holds a great number of does and the bucks show up through out the pre-rut. Here are some of the bucks in the area…

This trail camera (Primos TruthCam46) was placed over an active scrape, near a good bedding area. With these photos, we were able to pattern that the majority of buck movement takes place in the mornings, during shooting hours. We are really looking forward to hunting this stand as the rut heats up. Check out some of the bucks from this area…



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  1. Nice pictures, finding more and more scrapes each week checking trail camera’s.

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