Just the other week my order of new arrows came, but that dozen didn’t last long! While re-sighting them in to get ready for the 2012 Iowa Rinehart R100 3-D Shoot (, I ROBIN-HOODED at 60 YARDS!

My husband, Matt, was shooting with me, and at 60 yards, we can’t always see where the arrows hit exactly but we both heard the arrow sound “off” when it hit. Matt said he knew I didn’t miss. Since it sounded different, I thought I hit the top of the target and told him I’m sure I didn’t shoot that high though. We walked to the target to find a ROBIN HOOD!!! This is a legit robin hood – I DON’T GROUP SHOOT – I had only four arrows with me. 

I would have never thought a robin hood at 60 yards (and especially outside) would have even been possible really. I was SO EXCITED and called my dad (who had just fletched the arrows for me!) to let him know I was already down to 10 and to guess what yardage I had just gotten a robin hood at! I hate to lose two arrows but this is definitely something special since robin hoods are rare anyways but usually only happen around 20 to 30 yards! I’m sure this will be one of the many hunting/archery stories I’ll share with my children and grandchildren someday!

How’d I do at the Rinehart shoot?! This summer I didn’t practice nearly as much as I usually do, but when I did you could tell I practiced long shots! I did my best ever and two of my big highlights at the shoot were 12-ringing a buffalo at about 50 yards and 12-ringing a caribou at about 40 yards when you had to shoot through two trees to hit the plug! I outscored the guys on both of those! 🙂 I ended up getting 1st in the North American half and 3rd in the African half! Very exciting! ~Jen

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  1. Don’t forget the apple at 25yds …

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