N.A. – non-acherable, you better get the firearm out for this guy if you want him on your wall

Nacho – this buck seems to be missing a notch out of his ears

NASA – this buck has a really sky high rack *Pics*

Native – a great-looking typical with nothing extra

Natural – nothing but a great looking typical here *Pics*

Navigate – this buck knows the land well and seems to know how to avoid you every time

Nemesis – relating to Greek meaning of “to give what is due” and you mean to give this buck revenge!

Net – not a single deduction on this rack

Network – this rack is so big it has its own network

Neutral#– doesn’t seem like this guy is getting any bigger

Newbie – showed up this year and you’re glad he did

Nickle – a buck with only five points

Nicotine – you just can’t get enough of this buck *Pics*

NightCrawler – tines grew up with a wiggle to them or only seen at night

Nightmare – just a real messed up non-typical

NineLives – this 9-point continues to have luck on his side during open season *Pics*

Ninja– a buck with a darker-looking rack or mean-looking face, good fighter or nocturnal and sneaky

NittyGritty – this typical has nothing but the basics

Nixon – this buck has split G2s kinda like Nixon’s famous quotes *Pics*

No. 11 – a buck with such tall G2s and G3s that it looks like he’s sporting a number 11 from the side

Nocturnal – you’ve never seen this guy in the daylight

NorthernLights – a buck from the frozen tundra

Notch – this one is missing a tip of antler or two

Nothing – a good rack but not a whole lot there

NotNow – young buck with lots of potential getting the pass this year

Notta – this rack was either busted up or never grew any

November – first time you saw this buck was in this magical month

NoWhere – seems to disappear when opening day of season comes around

Nubs – a real young buck with a small rack for now

Nuclear – this buck is the bomb or exploded from last year to this year

Nuts -this is the only word to describe this buck’s rack

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