Oats – this guy seems to spend his time in oat fields

ObesityBuck – a big-bodied buck or buck with huge neck

Obsession – this buck is all that you will be thinking about night and day

Ocho – a real nice 8-point with a darker rack *Pics*

October – showed up on your farm in October

OctoberFest – you will get this buck before the rut begins

OctoBuck – an 8-pointer with his tines growing crooked

OddBall – this buck has grown an abnormal set of antlers *Pics*

Offset – this typical rack with a non-matching number of tines on each side *Pics*

OK – a good buck but not a great one

Ol’ Boy – a very big-bodied and mature buck

Old# – he’s celebrating another birthday, 7-year-old buck or older

Old Man – this old boy has seen it all over the years and years *Pics*

Old Soul – this old buck has been around for a few years *Pics*

Omega – you’ll have your sights on this one

OMG! – wow, this is a good one, oh my gosh!

OneNightStand – had an unforgettable encounter one evening and can’t stop thinking about him

OneToWatch – nice looking young buck with potential

Onion – this buck is still peeling off his velvet

Optimal – a buck with the perfect mix of characteristics

Ordinary# – nothing special about this buck but his still a great typical

Organized – this perfect, typical-racked buck seems to have his tines all lined up in a row

Oscar – a grumpy buck with a rack just full of trash *Pics*

OutLaw – he’s WANTED, a real fighter of a buck that has not been seen very much *Pics*

Overall – rack that seems to have it all – width, mass, tine numbers, tine length, etc.

Oversized# – a lot bigger than the other bucks in his class or bigger rack than most

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