Primos Truth Cam35

Buck Names

UPDATE: I have had this camera replaced twice now. Now the third one has died as well.

Both me and my brother have one of these cameras. He has had great luck and loves his and I have had bad luck with mine. I did have to take advantage of the warranty on mine and Primos did a fair job at that. I am split 50/50 for a recommendation for this one.


  • Battery Life – this camera will out last all others hands down, even in cold temps
  • Pictures – good daytime pics but sub par night pictures
  • Modes – Video and still photos
  • Delay – you can choose as low as 10 seconds
  • Price – I have seen them as low as $79 and keep an eye out for even better deals
  • Warranty – 1 Year and Primos held up their promise for me


  • Noise – Still makes a noise when it switches between night & day pics
  • Customer Service – It did take them one month to ship me a new camera
  • Pictures – Night pics are very low resolution
  • Interaction – Because of the noise, it has spooked more deer than any other camera

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