Qaddafi – this buck has been in hiding for some time now, has a funny rack

Q-Ball – this buck might as well be bald, nothing going on up top

Q-Tip – tines grew with a growth on the end of them like a swelled tip

Quack – big buck with a disappointing rack

Quad – a big 4-point buck

Quagmire – giggidy, giggidy, goo

Quake – this buck could about shake you out of your tree stand

Qualifier – this guy will make the hit list for sure *Pics*

Quality – it’s not about the numbers, it’s about how good they are

Quarky – a non-typical with a funky looking rack

Quirky – a big but peculiar buck that is odd socially and seems to avoid other deer

Quiver – your ready and willing to throw everything at this guy, even the quiver!

Quizzical – a very perplexed-looking rack on this buck

Quote – this rack is tall with split G2s (or possibly other tines) looking like quotation marks

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