RabbitEars – a real wide- and tall-racked buck

Racks-A-Lot – nothing but rack on this one

Rack Attack – non-typical that looks like his rack was thrown together

Rack ‘Em Up – shooter buck with a rack that is tall or set higher off his head

Rack-Tastic – he is definitely on the hit list this year with his great rack *Pics*

Rage – the next best thing, always fighting or looks mad

Ragged – a scrappy looking buck with a scrappy rack

RainDrop – its just raining drop-tines off this rack *Pics*

Rake – real tall tines that grew close together

Rampage – always fighting, making scrapes and rubs, running around *Pics*

Random – nothing about this rack makes sense but you love it

Rat’sNest – this rack is just a real mess of points

Rattler – this one has a bite to him or comes into calls easy enough *Pics*

Rave – this huge buck is “all the rave”

Realtree – this buck has a rack looking like the new Realtree logo *Pics*

Rebel – big brute buck that likes to make trouble

RedDelicious – back in the apple trees is where you will find this one

Reject – this buck will get the pass again this year

Repeat – a nice typical with little deductions

RibCage – real tall tines that curve like your rib cage or a white rack

Righty – the right side is just that much better then his left *Pics*

Ringo– has small point(s) off brow tines that you could hang a ring on

RiverMonster – this thing is scary awesome and roams a river bottom

RiverRat – always seen by the river or kind of a ratty looking rack

RoadRash – missing a lot of hair off his back

RoadRunner – this buck is fast and knows how to disappear

RockStar – one mean looking buck that parties all night

Rocky – this buck is a real contender or will be someday *Pics*

Rodeo – he has been taking you for a ride for some time now

RollCage – tines wrap around like he is wearing a roll cage

Romeo – always with the ladies or doubled that night with Juliet

Rookie – young buck with a chance to play with the big boys some day *Pics*

RubberNeck – you about broke your neck the first time you laid eyes on this guy

Rubs-A-Lot – always raking the treeline

RumorHasIt – this giant buck is the talk of the town and has a lot of stories being spread about him!

Ryther’s Buck – this buck was named after the hunters kid, how Cool is that! *Pics*

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