Saturday, October 13th p.m.

Wind: South, 18-12 mph
Temp: 70 degrees
Hunt time: 2-1/2 hours

Unfortunately, when the weekend rolled around, storms, storms and more storms were on the forecast. We decided to go back to bed in the morning but when it came to the afternoon, I had to hunt! Matt said, “If you’re going out, I’m going out.” He shouldn’t have! Ha ha! My text to him during the hunt explains it all, “Who’s brilliant idea was this anyways!!!” It rained/sprinkled the whole time so we had a big night of trying to dry everything out.

With the bad weather, we called a “no-doe night” and starting out the hunt, it was very windy so I wanted to get into the timber somewhere where I’d be protected. I went to a stand we put up last year and don’t have too much time in. I’m not sure yet if it is in the right spot or not. There’s a big hill to the north and a big bottom below me so I was out of the south wind and could see if anything was passing through this area.

Entering the stand, I spooked up a deer by itself in the bottom. I wasn’t able to catch a rack but the body looked like a buck. If that didn’t make me mad, I was already sweating since it was so hot. I kept thinking it was colder than it was because of the wind and dark clouds. So I took some layers off to cool down and then had three does go by. The rest of the time, I just got rained on. Visibility is still really low with all the foliage on the trees.

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