Saturday, October 20th p.m.

Wind: South-southeast, 8 mph
Temp: 62 degrees
Hunt time: 3 hours

The deer were out tonight and it refreshed me after this morning’s hunt! We noticed the deer were moving to grass again as a food source with this current wave of warm weather so I went to a stand we set up toward the end of season last year and that I’ve never hunted before.

This stand sits on top of a timbered ridge (so I had to be really careful with getting up the hill without sweating in this heat!) at the edge of the trees and a large grass field.

I was right to try this stand off the grass field as I saw about 15 different deer, including a spike and two young 8-pointers. The video above is the eight that came out earlier and gave a bit of a show. He first chased a doe around a little, butted heads some with the spike and then when I put the camera on him, made the scrapes. Sorry the video is such low-quality – I was just using video mode from my little digital camera and was zoomed out all the way. But he came within 35 yards and then made the scrapes around 65 yards from the stand. Not a shooter, but always cool to watch a buck in action.





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