Saturday, October 6th a.m.

Wind: Northwest, 8 mph
Temp: 28 to 32 degrees
Hunt time: 3-1/2 hours

BURR! So, Wednesday was an 80-degree day and I couldn’t stop sweating in the stand… but we are in Iowa so the weather flipped and we started this morning out below freezing! My body was totally NOT adjusted so I froze, especially in a stand that faced me into the north wind! I managed though and will plan better for the rest of the weekend!

The stand I sat in is on top of a hill in the timber, off a grass field and not far from a pond. I am after a doe this morning, so I thought they might be traveling through this area down to the pond sometime during my morning sit. I shot a mature doe last season in this same stand.

I ended up seeing 7 does, 5 tom turkeys and a raccoon. I was right about the does going to the pond, but they ended up traveling below me too far – no shots.

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