Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Stands

IMG_0549.JPGWOW! This was our first year running Stic-N-Pic trail camera stands and were we ever impressed. First off, these are 100% made in the USA and 100% American powder-coated steel, making these stands solid as a rock, while still light and portable for easy transportation.

This spring I placed a Stic-N-Pic on a creek bank watching over a well-used trail. During the next weeks, the rains came and turned that little creek into a raging river. I found the Stic-N-Pic downstream a ways without a single scratch! Not only are they build solid, they are also huge time savers as well. No more searching for the perfect tree or fumbling around with those straps, just step the mount into the ground and go! The number one advantage of Stic-N-pic products is the ability to put your trail camera where you want it in the perfect position. This has allowed us to change the way we scout and has produced some stunning trail camera photos. Our only concern was how easy it would be for trespassers to notice and take off with our setups, but instead it has been the opposite. We are able to put our cameras where people would not normally expect a trail camera to be. They disappear really easy with small brush piles, cedars or prairie grasses.

Stic-N-Pic Original
Adjustable up to 52 inches, the tallest
Wide 3-prong base making it very stable
Swivel and rotate the whole thing a full 360 degrees
*This has been our favorite and a work horse!

Stic-N-Pic Mini Ground Mount
Adjustable 0 to 36 inches, the shorty
Wide “V” bottom base for stability
Swivels and rotates a full 360 degrees
*Perfect for skyline and water setups

Stic-N-Pic Screw-In Tree Mount
Screws in easy to any tree or wood post
Swivels and rotates a full 360 degrees
*Perfect for security setups and winter months

Stic-N-Pic Add-A-Cam Bracket
Attaches to any of the above mounts
Allows you to swivel and rotate a full 360 degrees
*Great addition for the high-traffic areas like food plots



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