Sunday, October 14th p.m.

Wind: Northwest, 25 mph
Temp: 59 degrees
Hunt time: 3 hours

This morning it was raining again, so we went back to bed for the second morning in a row :(. On the plus side, we got 3.25 inches of rain that was much needed! Luckily, the rain was out of the way for an afternoon hunt, but it was extremely windy. I wanted to sit within the timber to get out of the wind and since it’s Sunday night (another “no-doe night”), I wanted somewhere that I might possibly catch a buck in the light. My plan was a treestand that is 25 yards within the timber off a ridge that leads to a top cornfield that was combined last week. Bucks often wait to enter a field when light is almost gone or is gone, so I thought one might be coming through this ridge path in light before he’d reach the field. I knew in this spot I would not see many deer, but I wasn’t going for the majority – if so I would have took a windy seat in the cornfield.
Going to the stand, I grabbed the trail camera card on the edge of the cornfield and looking through them up in the tree. We’ve got a shooter 10 in the area and another that had blurred pics but could possibly be a shooter.

I didn’t have any deer go through but at 6:45 p.m., I did have a buck run by on the next hill. Between him running and all the foliage still, I didn’t have a chance to see how good of a buck, but he looked like he had a tank of a body. He was running from the direction of a finger of the cornfield/pond area so I don’t know what spooked him. Sometimes the does are so jumpy out on the field they will clear the field when nothing happened so I don’t know if it was that or something else. I wish I could have gotten a better look at him though.

Total stand time so far this season: 26.5 hours


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