Sunday, October 28th p.m.

Wind: SE, 5 mph
Temp: 55 degrees
Hunt time: 3-1/2 hours

Yes, back to the same stand! I had a great afternoon seeing a total of about 18 different deer. The biggest buck I saw tonight was one I watched the night before – the buck with one brow that was really tall and distinctive!

I was able to get a really good look at him this time and he’s an awesome buck but one of those borderline shooters. He looks SO MUCH like the buck my husband harvested last year. It looked like Matt’s buck had a couple things better than him, but he had a couple things better than Matt’s buck so I figured he would end up about the same scoring, which Matt’s scored 144 inches.

I decided not to try calling him in and just watched him on the field. I would be very happy with this buck but I have six days of vacation coming up and things will be heating up in the woods soon so I would like to hold out for just a little more. If it came to later in the season – I would definitely take a buck like this though!

It’s a beautiful full moon – such a neat night!

Total stand time so far this season: 53 hours. My time off work is coming soon!!! Can’t wait to put more time in the stand! Things are kicking into gear and I am excited to be out there!

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