Turkey Success!

We might all be addicted to chasing whitetails, but hunting turkeys definitely has its moments. What we love the most about spring turkey season is the camaraderie we get from hunting together in blinds that we don’t get while being alone in the stands while deer hunting. Hunting turkeys in a blind also makes it a great opportunity to film hunts – especially if trying for the first time – and bringing along kids or others who would like to experience hunting. A blind conceals your moments so everyone can sit comfortably, cover up with a blanket if needed, have drinks and snacks, and even activities if desired during slow parts. When taking someone new, choose a nice day and keep the hunt short so it is as positive of an experience as possible!

Coming out of the 2011 spring turkey season with so many jakes running around, we thought 2012 was going to be absolutely awesome with all sorts of young, gullible toms parading into the decoys! However, Iowa season was pushed back a week, spring arrived a month early and all these young toms ended up being extremely timid. It was a tough year, but my family still had a great season with harvesting 11 turkeys with a bow on film! It was special for each of us as my dad and brother went turkey hunting out of state for their very first time, my 13-year-old niece harvested her first turkey with a bow (WOW! – and happened to win our 2012 Big Tom Contest!), I harvested my first tom (finally after having all jakes before!) and Matt harvested his fourth bird but first with calling and hunting by himself!

Turkey season creates so many great memories in our family and we are already looking forward to hearing those rumbling gobbles next spring!


  1. You guys had a great season! I’m very excited to have you both on board and I’m looking forward to reading all your posts!!

  2. Thanks, Thomas!

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