UgMug – not the prettiest buck but a shooter none the less

Ugly – one messed up rack or real ugly looking buck *Pics*

Ultimate# – this is the kind of buck that has it all

Ultralight – a real nice rack but has no mass with this rack

Umbrella – a wide, tall rack that covers the buck’s whole head

Umpteen – well at least you know this buck is sporting more than twelve points *Pics*

Unannounced – this buck just showed up one day and boy are you glad!

UnderRated – a great buck that has not gotten the respect he deserves

Undivided – a real good looking typical with the perfect rack

Unicorn – only has one point on a side, missing one side or has an extra point between his two main beams

Uniform – a really nice typical rack with little deductions

UnNatural – there is nothing normal about this rack, the definition of a non-typical rack

Uno – has one kicker/sticker or only has one good side of his rack

Unpassable – if you get the opportunity, this buck will definitely not get a pass

Upcoming – a young buck with a lot of potential in a few years

Upgrade – this guy grew a few extra points this season

Uproar – this buck has everyone talking about him *Pics*

U-turn – tines grew up then grew right back down *Pics*

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