Vague# – you don’t know much about this buck but he may be a shooter (ex. Vague8)

Van Gogh – this guy is missing part of his hear, a real fighter *Pics*

Vault – a real tight rack on this guy, keeping his existence secret

Velcro – a great-looking velvet buck

Velvet# – a great buck that you got early in the season *Pics*

Vermin – a real scrappy-looking deer

Vibration – this buck’s tines grew with some wiggle in them

Vintage – you’ve been getting pictures of this one for years

Volcanic# – points just spewing out the top of his rack

Voodoo – a real messed up non-typical, looks like a bunch of pins sticking out of his rack

Vortex – hunters will gravitate toward him

VP – the second in command in your woods

Vulture – he comes in to any and all calls, scrappy-looking buck

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