Wacky# – a typical rack that grew abnormal (ex. Wacky9) *Pics*

WackyRack – crazy rack, abnormal main beam growth

WallHanger – it’s worth the $ to hang this buck on your wall

Walmart Buck – this buck has everything you are looking for plus more *Pics*

Warlord – this big brute has a lot of power in the deer herd and is boss

Warrior – this guy is the ultimate fighter *Pics*

Wart – a buck with a lot of characteristic bumps on his rack

WarWager – this tough buck loves to pick a fight

Washed-Up# – an old buck that is past his prime

Wavelength – you can feel the energy coming off this buck *Pics*

Wedge – this rack went out and then grew straight back in

Weekender – you’ll be spending your season weekends hunting this buck!

WeGo – you cannot wait to hunt this non-typical buck ~ Here We Go!

Weirdo – this non-typical just isn’t right

Werewolf – you only have pictures of this buck at night

Whammy – no whammies, no whammies, big bucks!

WhatNot – all sorts of extra points and what not with this rack

Wheezy – this guy must have a cold or something

Whiplash – all sorts of stickers growing toward the front on this rack

Whiskers – a buck with a couple extra long kickers off the front base of his rack

Whiskey – you’d give anything for a shot at this buck

WhiteNoise – a white-racked buck with a relatively wide range of tines

Whitey – a real white rack, albino buck

Whopper – a real big buck with tines just stacked up

Whopper Jr. – a young buck with lots of room for growth

Wicked – a real messed up rack on this one *Pics*

Wicked# – this is one wicked big rack or a bit messed up (ex. Wicked10)

Wide# – any buck with a wider than usual rack (ex. Wide9) *Pics*

Wilber – Similar to Charlotte’s Web, you’ll be saying, “That’s some pig…”

WildCard – this buck showed up on camera just in time *Pics*

WildFire – this buck is spreading buck fever through camp like a wildfire

Winnebago – this guy’s sporting a wide load *Pics*

Wonderful# – nothing but a great-looking buck here

Worm – tines grew with a wiggle in them *Pics*

Worship – you would make a golden statue of this buck if you could afford it

Wowser – the one word the explains this guy the best

Wrinkled# – tines grew up with a curve or two to them

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