Wednesday, October 31st p.m.

Wind: NW, 7 mph
Temp: 54 degrees
Hunt time: 3 hours

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! If you know me, then you know this is the only costume I need!!! Ha ha! Tonight I chose to go to the stand where my brother shot his big buck on October 5th. I’ve only hunted this stand once before (last on the evening of October 6th) and since then the guys placed another stand just 20 yards away, thinking it was better positioning. I still went to the first stand as I had a bit better wind for it. This area presents an excellent opportunity for calling!

I was actually not feeling well at all today, so I went out to the stand a bit later than my usual. Much to my surprise when I am nearing the stand while walking in, I run into a young deer 20 yards away and it doesn’t notice me! I duck down and sit there thinking… I have no chance… hm… I decide the deer is going to be scared anyways so I might as well give it a try! I stay low and move about 5 yards back and hide behind a turned over stump and root of a downed tree, my best nearby cover. Since it was so warm, I had entered the stand with everything packed up, no face mask, no gloves, not wearing my normal outerwear, etc. I also carry my bow with a sling. I had a BIG task ahead of me. I quietly hurry like crazy to get my sling off, get gloves on, pull my sleeves down, get my release out of the jacket I’m carrying, get my quiver off my bow, get an arrow on and STOP!

The deer is heading right for me… crap… how am I going to do this? If it keeps walking I won’t be able to pull back because it will practically run into the end of my broadhead! I wasn’t able to get far enough away. I peek out to see if it is a young doe or button buck. I don’t want to shoot a button buck, but getting any deer from the ground is a dream of mine. This would mean the world to me anyways. I can’t tell. SHIT. It’s over. I shouldn’t have peeked. It sees my face is not something that belongs. I slowly pull behind the stump and wait for the deer to make it’s next move. It is less than 10 yards away from me. It doesn’t do anything… I think it doesn’t know what I am and what to do. It’s dead silent and still for almost 10 minutes. My legs are completely cramped up in my horrible position I had to rush to and they are absolutely painful. I so need to adjust but I can’t move. I keep waiting it out. Then, finally the deer takes off in a run at an angle and it is over.

Yes, this was a failure, but WHAT AN EXCITEMENT!!! I’ve never been so close – it was literally less than 10 yards right in front of me at it’s level and it hadn’t know I was even there! That and just giving it a try is a success in itself to me and made my night!!!
Making it to the stand really late now, I get set up and WOW – it is such a GORGEOUS evening! Just picture perfect! After about 45 minutes, I rattle and grunt a sequence and a nice, young 8-point buck comes to check out the area. I knew he wasn’t a shooter, so I didn’t try anything to draw him in further. He disappears. I wait about a half-hour and try calling again. I hear something coming, I get ready, looking, searching… same buck! Ha ha ha!
He was all I ended up seeing besides three plump raccoons waking up and squeezing themselves out of a nearby dead tree, but what a great hunt and evening sit! I’m pumped!

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