Welcome to the TrailCamTrophies.com blog… if you love our website, you will love this blog!

Our main focus is on whitetail deer, and we are blessed with hunting one of the greatest whitetail states, Iowa. We don’t just go out and shot a big buck and call it a year, we are hunting deer 24/7 365 through trail cameras, food plots, shed hunting and building better habitat. We love to get that first trail camera picture of that mature buck and name him, start to build the history with the buck and eventually harvest him. This is why we have brought you TrailCamTrophies.com, the only site devoted to buck names for your trail camera trophies.

We are dedicating this blog to everything trail cameras and will update you on our different cameras, locations and bucks as we follow them through the seasons! We will be running as many cameras as we can through several different timbers here in Iowa. You will be able to follow right along and watch the bucks grow with us.

Check out our blog pages to also learn some great tips and lessons learned when it comes to trail cameras and what specific trail cameras we have used. We also include information on how those trail cameras functioned for us, so you can use this knowledge when buying a trail camera. They are just purely our opinions.

We like to leave our cameras out all year, with some exceptions to long stretches of below 0 temps. Our goal is to try and get a idea on the deer that live in the timbers we hunt. We want to know what the buck to doe ratio is, what size of buck we can expect and where the deer are during that season. We hope to help you with sharing all of our knowledge and hope you stop back often and check out our site! www.TrailCamTrophies.com

Thank you,
Matt & Jen


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    I enjoy reading the stuff that you put up on your site. Really informative. Thank you!

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