Wildgame Innovation IR4

UPDATE: All of these cameras we had running have died out. They are a good cheap camera that take okay photos. Would not recommend unless you are in a pinch.

This was the very first infra-red trail camera I purchased. I think they sold thousands of these cameras since they were the lowest priced IR trail camera when they first came out. At the time, you would’ve had to payed hundreds more to get the IR technology. One out of my three IR4’s are still in use today. I would recommend purchasing one, if the price is right.


  • Battery Life – good battery life in colder temps
  • Noise – no noise with this camera
  • Pictures – good daytime pics at 4mp
  • Price – less than $80
  • Longevity – this is the fourth year for one of my cameras, the other two were defective and lasted about 1-1/2 years or so.
  • Warranty – 1 Year


  • Pictures – night pics are lower-resolution
  • Size – larger in size compared to other camera models
  • Battery life – batteries last only about 2 months in warm weather
  • Batteries – runs on four “C” batteries

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