Wildgame Innovations X6C

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UPDATE: I finally sold these little cams off to upgrade for some better technology. They were great at the time but really ate up batteries compared to the newer cameras.

We have been using the X6C for about two years now and have had nothing but great luck with it. We would would recommend this trail camera to others. www.wildgameinnovations.com


  • Small – can fit about any where and to blends in great
  • Affordable – I have been getting them off ebay for $99
  • Batteries – Runs on “AA” and they last for thousands of pictures
  • Picture Quality – Great pics both night and day
  • Warranty – 1 year warranty from WGI


  • Cold Temps – not dependable when the temps dip below 40 all day
  • Pictures – I do get some blurry pics if the deer is moving a lot
  • Pictures – every once in a while there are some solid Pink pictures…?

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